World Unique Vision Solution

Now it is possible to see a details underside in a high resolution picture through the conveying surface!

The Electric Conveyors from Conveyor 22 has a unique and smooth linear motion which allows transportation of details on tempered glass.

After a successful collaboration with AH Automation, we can now for the first time present an unique solution to a long standing problem. To see the parts underside has many times been difficult. Either the details are placed on a separate see through surface or rotated towards a vision camera for inspection.

Our solution is to inspect directly through the feeding trays surface. There is no need to touch the detail before the inspection and further transport take place immediately of the details you choose not to pick (correct or incorrect).

The pattern of movement also spread out and separates the details which facilitates and optimizes the vision inspection and robot picking.

See our movie: Vision Solution on Glass

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