The world’s most compact Electric Shaker Conveyors!

Conveyor 22 has launched the extremely compact Electric Shaker Conveyors ECS-141 and Clean Line 141.

The dimensions are L 305 mm, W 128 mm and H 47 mm, which makes it the smallest in the world. It’s easy to connect with presses and can easily be fitted into machine tools and producing machines. The electric conveyor is very quiet, only 60 dB (A). Due to the electric powering and low inner friction, the electric transporter from Conveyor 22 consumes only 5% of the energy that a pneumatic transporter uses.

The Black line with protection class IP62 is suitable for most of manufacturing industries, and Clean line with protection class IP66 is developed for demanding industries such as pharmaceutical industry, food processing or harsh environments.

Instead of using traditional vibrators – Go for Conveyor 22’s green transporter!
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