Conveyor 22 AB is a high-tech company located in the scenic north-west of Blekinge, Sweden.


Conveyor 22 vision is to set a new global standard for industrial processing and transportation of solid material.


Conveyor 22’s mission is to design, manufacture and sell electric linear conveyors to Scandinavian direct customers and international representatives, for applications in industrial transport processes.

Business Promise

Conveyor 22: “The ultimate conveyor system: pioneering, sustainable, simple and smart.”

The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of mankind. ~ Nikola Tesla

Lars Sandberg:

In the year 1790

Carl Sandberg moves from Bysta Kniphammare to Haddebo Bruk where he later becomes Mastersmith. In those days the locksmith was the equivalent of today’s precision engineer.


Haddebo Bruk


Lock forge at Hornstullsgatan, Stockholm

In the year 1890

Johan August Sandberg operates his lock forge at Hornstullsgatan 1 in Stockholm. Since that day the men in the Sandberg family have always worked in engineering.

In the year 1919

Karl-Erik Sandberg was born in the industrial community Olofström. In his own workshop he solved many problems and the technical innovations were innumerable. He always saw solutions for what was considered impossible.

In the year 2011

Lars Sandberg, with his many years of experience in precision mechanics, begins the ambitious construction of the best electric shaker conveyor on the market. The result of his work is ECS-121.

Anne-Maj Öström:

In the year 1942

Elin Blomkvist delivered dairy products to the aristocracy of Vaasa, Finland.
Her first-class products provided her with a loyal clientele.

Wasa, Finland

Wasa, Finland

Hallandsboda gård


In the year 1963

Alice Blomkvist marries Arne Johansson and moves to Sweden.
Together they start Allmekano, Sweden’s second do-it-yourself workshop. This is where Anne-Maj grew up.

In the year 1985

Anne-Maj begins her administrative career working for Ericsson, Karlshamns AB and the Volvo Group.

In the year 2012

Anne-Maj and Lars have been working together since 2009. Combining their strength, determination and skills, they founded Conveyor 22 in 2012. With Anne-Maj’s extensive experience of administration and the broad technical knowledge of Lars, Conveyor 22 now produces energy efficient and environmentlly friendly technology for a sustainable future.