Moving materials

Precise, linear and smooth movement is the principle behind our technology. The tray mounted on the conveyor moves slowly forward moving the material. This movement is followed by an accelerating backward movement which ensures the material remains stationary while the tray moves smoothly and gently forward.

The Motor

The transporter is driven by a sensor-controlled ball bearing BLDC motor with high torque and a long life. The sensors ensure only the energy required for the actual load is used. When starting up, 200% more power is supplied to the feeder, so it can be started fully loaded.

Control box

Kontrollbox-x-2The control box can be installed several meters from the feeder. For heat removal, it is important that mounting takes place upon a metal surface. The unit is powered by 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1-phase AC. We can also provide 24 VDC versions. The control box supplies the feeder with sensor controlled power and contains motor and overload protection and malfunctioning warning. Downtime due to malfunctioning can be very costly, therefore our transporters are fitted with a built in motion sensor. In the event of a malfunction, a signal will immediately be emitted via the M12-contact and the whole production line can be stopped. There is no need for any external sensor. The transporter can also be remote controlled via the M12-contact (start/stop).

3D drawing, hole pattern and electrical connection

Fully-flexible system

After consultation with customers, Conveyor 22 now provide a fully-flexible system that is future-proved and adaptable for all kinds of industrial applications as well as being fully adjustable in X, Y and Z. A one-stop purchase, simply plug and go.


All Conveyor 22 products are designed to be maintenance free for many years. Our transporters come with a one year warranty and complete technical support.