Quick Cassette solved space issue on stamping press output in EBP i Olofström

Conveyor 22 has developed a space saving plate for inserting an entire output device into various manufacturing machines. It can be pushed in or under a stamping tool and locked in a few seconds. With the double hand tensioners, the whole conveyor unit is stably locked in the tool. Quick Cassette is available in different versions with three different options on width.

Quick Cassette has solved the space problem for stamping press output in EBP i Olofström. At the beginning of 2017, EBP in Olofström bought two conveyors with insert fasteners “Quick Cassette” and feeding trays from Conveyor 22. Quick Cassette is a 85 mm high conveyor unit that can be pushed into the press tool. Feedback from Patrik Henriksson, Press Process Engineer at EBP:

– Without this solution for our output problem, we had not been able to undertake this stamping project.

– The equipment has been working perfect since the first day. It is so quiet that you risk forgetting to turn it off when the working day is over.

CEO of Conveyor 22 AB, Anne-Maj Öström says: “We want to make the output more convenient regardless of space limitation for stamping press industry. Productivity should be the focus rather not to be limited by small output issues. ”

See film: Quick Cassette in production

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