Mobile stand facilitates flexible part removal in stamping press

Conveyor 22 has developed an easy and cost-effective solution for moving the complete conveyor unit among manufacturing machines. It has been successfully delivered to Lindab Profile AB in Förslöv.

Stamping presses are commonly equipped with one or more conveyors for getting the surplus and finished part out. A permanently installed conveyor in a fixed position can be complicate and difficult to reposition, wasting valuable time and resources. For example, rebuilding the whole conveyor system when changing tools or not using the conveyor while the machine is out of production. The accumulated cost of handling such a fixed conveyor system is high.

As an additional method of mounting the conveyor on a manufacturing machine, the Steady Stand is an alternative attachment to fasten the conveyor with feeding trays and other extra features. Thus, the usage of output device becomes infinitely flexible and efficient.

Several satisfied customers are already using Steady Stand in their production lines. On this occasion, we designed a low-profile model “Steady Stand 500” and equipped it to fit beneath Lindab Profile’s stamping press: Conveyor Black Line 141, Steady Stand 500 with 3-wheel adapter ensuring stability on uneven surfaces and tray support with sliding parts. The control box is mounted directly on the Steady Stand and the cable between conveyor and control box is stored within the stand. Steady Stand 500 is concrete-filled, weighing 150 kg and has lockable wheels.

We want the stamping press industry to maximize the use of our conveyors and make their production faster, more efficient and profitable.

See a film from Lindab Profil: Steady Stand 500 in production

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