ECS-141 Electric Conveyor

The transporters ball bearing mechanism works in an oil bath and is completely encapsulated. There is only one moving outer part. Noise is very low, only 60dB(A). Due to electric powering and a very limited inner friction, the ECS-141 only consumes 0,07 kW (about 5% of the amount of energy pneumatic transporters consume).

The compact size (L 305 mm, W 128 mm, H 47 mm) makes ECS-141 unique in the world, and easy to apply and build in. The mechanical speed adjustment allows you to easily adjust the feeder for different needs. One simple adjustment to choose if the transporter should focus on strength or speed, according to the material you wants to move.

The built-in movement sensor of the transporter communicates directly with the control unit. With the four clamping bolts, the transporter is easily fastened from above to the machine tool or production equipment. The feeding tray is also mounted from above with the accompanying fasteners.

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