Weight handling improved and static generation reduced!

After extensive testing and in response to customer feedback, Conveyor 22 electric linear conveyors can transport different items at the same speed regardless of the weights and volume plus static electricity generation has been significantly reduced. Make our linear conveyors the perfect replacement for old vibrators.

The unique movement of the Conveyor 22 transporters distributes and spreads the material while transporting it. The linear movement is more gentle and smooth than traditional vibrators. The transport speed is always constant and completely independent of weight difference. There is no need for frequency adjustments based on various weights.

The electric linear conveyors from Conveyor 22 transport items with only a horizontal movement instead of slightly throwing the items vertically as vibrators do. The unique motion from electric linear conveyors has effectively reduced static electricity generation due to faster separation and less friction. Traditional vibrators provide much more unstable movement due to fast vibrations. The motion results in more frequent and stronger friction among the transporting items due to the horizontal and vertical vibrations and easily generates a build up of static electricity.

Watch the video: A feather moves in the same speed as 1 kg of iron does.

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