Increased weight for tray!

After years of testing, we now raise the guaranteed weight for tray from 8 kg to 12 kg for models ECS 121 and the Clean Line 121. This means that up to 50% more equipment can be attached to the carrier, for example our new fast beam Quick Bar.

Tray and other equipment mounted on the conveyor are called “weight for tray”. This weight has been increased. “Distributed load” is what the carrier moves. We guarantee a maximum 30 kg: 15 kg distributed load at maximum feed speed if the speed is adjusted down, the weight can be increased.

For optimized transport we recommend the RC22 feeding tray. Conveyor 22 has developed the RC22 with an optimized structure for the conveyor movement. It is light, stable and the structure eliminates the sticking effect of oily parts. Many customers have, after testing, decided to incorporate the RC22 into their standard production process.
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Quick Bar – minimize setup time

Introducing the Quick Bar – a bar where you replace trays in seconds!

Quick Bar locks mechanically fixed trays without compressed air. The Quick Bar’s hand tensioners loosen / set trays fixed in seconds. Simple, flexible and without any tools. The lightweight bar which is made of high strength steel ensures that the trays are locked solid rock hard.

Set up time is reduced and the handling is simplified.
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World Unique Vision Solution

Now it is possible to see a details underside in a high resolution picture through the conveying surface!

The Electric Conveyors from Conveyor 22 has a unique and smooth linear motion which allows transportation of details on tempered glass.

After a successful collaboration with AH Automation, we can now for the first time present an unique solution to a long standing problem. To see the parts underside has many times been difficult. Either the details are placed on a separate see through surface or rotated towards a vision camera for inspection.

Our solution is to inspect directly through the feeding trays surface. There is no need to touch the detail before the inspection and further transport take place immediately of the details you choose not to pick (correct or incorrect).

The pattern of movement also spread out and separates the details which facilitates and optimizes the vision inspection and robot picking.

See our movie: Vision Solution on Glass

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The world’s most compact Electric Shaker Conveyors!

Conveyor 22 has launched the extremely compact Electric Shaker Conveyors ECS-141 and Clean Line 141.

The dimensions are L 305 mm, W 128 mm and H 47 mm, which makes it the smallest in the world. It’s easy to connect with presses and can easily be fitted into machine tools and producing machines. The electric conveyor is very quiet, only 60 dB (A). Due to the electric powering and low inner friction, the electric transporter from Conveyor 22 consumes only 5% of the energy that a pneumatic transporter uses.

The Black line with protection class IP62 is suitable for most of manufacturing industries, and Clean line with protection class IP66 is developed for demanding industries such as pharmaceutical industry, food processing or harsh environments.

Instead of using traditional vibrators – Go for Conveyor 22’s green transporter!
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