Highly explosive granules are transported gently

We now have delivered a customized Clean Line conveyor with extra-long cable of 15 m and a fixed cable gland instead of manual screw locking. The surrounding environment is extremely sensitive and demanding because the transported granules are flammable.

This application is essential benefiting by our sealed IP66-rated conveyor and its unique transport technology; we separate the granulate as soon as it is transported. The granules are not rubbed against each other, which eliminates the generation of static electricity and the risk of sparks that can cause an explosion.

Today, our Clean Line conveyors are placed in many fine tech industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, food and weaponry etc.

Read our story about the Clean Line in clean room: https://www.conveyor22.se/en/references/

Watch films on applications of Clean Line: https://www.conveyor22.se/en/media-en/

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Lighter tray material = longer tray in New CS5, 0.6 mm

Now we have delivered our longest ever scrap feeding line, to a customer who needed an extra-long conveying. The line is 10 meters with 3 pcs. CS5 0.6 mm trays, linear feeding into each other.

CS5 0.6 mm, the old CS5 0.8 mm (earlier called AN5) and our own material RC22 are standard for feeding trays nowadays. The CS5 material is stainless steel, which is pattern rolled with a slightly textured surface to make it durable and light.

Our solution: focus on moving details instead of moving heavy feeding trays. Therefore, we recommend the customer to use lighter trays in thinner material for a better and more efficient output.

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Blechexpo 2019

In the fair Fibro GmbH launched Clean Line and Black Line in its booth. The exhibition is a landmark for Conveyor 22 AB, as our new reseller Fibro is one of the biggest global distributers of stamping components. Now our conveyors and accessories will be available from Fibro’s catalog in more than 30 languages worldwide.

We are very glad to receive the great interests on our product via Fibro’s launching. We also visited our other resellers in the fair, P/A Industries, Bru Y Rubio, GSB Oilless and Bruderer UK Ltd. Huge thanks to our fantastic partners on promoting our electric technology for a sustainable energy system and a better working environment.

Go Electric with us, Beat the future!


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EuroBLECH 2018

First time exhibiting in Hannover EuroBLECH, world’s biggest industrial fair, Conveyor 22 experienced an amazing week with our partner Finstansteknik as well as many visitors. Swedish tool maker Finstansteknik has built one Black Line 141 into its compact stamping tool. This was implemented into a stamping press in SEYI’s stand. SEYI is well known for its advanced servo presses from Taiwan.

In the fair, several major resellers from America, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Czech Republic and England have shown great interests to sell our products. Thanks to Finstansteknik’s invitation and hospitality, Conveyor 22 looks forward to meeting more customer needs all over the world.

See film: Built-in conveyor at EuroBLECH 2018

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BIEHM 2018

First time exhibiting in Spain, BIEHM International Machine Tool Exhibition, Conveyor 22 had a fantastic week with our resellers Bru y Rubio and STMI. The interest for the conveyor was big and we met many potential customers.

Bru y Rubio established in 1962 with more than 10,000 customers, currently presents in Europe, South-Africa and South America. The company offers a wide range of high quality components and services for injection moulds. BR stamp is the new division created by Bru y Rubio to meet the needs of die and stamping customers.

STMI, it is a company specialized in design, manufacture, integration, distribution and installation of machinery and production lines for the sheet metal forming industry.

Through the combination of their extensive experience and wide customer base, we are looking forward a long-term cooperation and a successful sale in the Spanish market.

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Conveyor 22 AB among the best growing companies in Olofström

Among 1020 companies in Olofström, Conveyor 22 AB is honoured to be approved as one of the 26 best growing companies 2017. Olofström is the winner of Best Growth community in Blekinge province of Sweden for the third time.

Best Growth measures three different variables of all Swedish companies: increased number of employees, increased profits and sales growth of more than five percent.

Olofström is famous by its long history of metal processing and as the industrial core of stamping technology in Sweden, where based Volvo and many subcontractors such as Shiloh and EBP i Olofström.

Read the news from Olofströms Näringsliv: Olofström vinner Bästa tillväxt i Blekinge, för tredje gången!

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Blechexpo 2017

First time exhibiting in Germany, Blechexpo International trade fair for sheet metal working, Conveyor 22 had a fantastic week with our business partner Schwer + Kopka GmbH as well as many visitors.

Thanks to Schwer + Kopka’s invitation and hospitality, we have presented two linear conveyors connected to their monitoring system in the SK stand. Visitors were able to see very low energy consumption on our conveyor. We also showed the new conveyor ECS-181 to the market and received many new international business contacts.

Combining 27 years’ experience and leading market position, Schwer + Kopka GmbH stands for practical industrial solutions for process monitoring and reliable fault detection combined with network production data collection for monitoring the manufacturing machines for metal industry. We are honored to have co-exhibited with SK on Blechexpo fair for the German market.

Read the news from Svensk Verkstad: Svenska transportörstillverkaren Conveyor 22 på Blechexpo med Schwer + Kopka


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Built-in alarm system of conveyor prevents stamping tool damage

Traditional conveyors are seldom equipped with self-alarm systems, therefore they fail on communicating with the stamping press and preventing damages. Downtime due to malfunctioning of these conveyors can be very costly either in forms of production interruptions or, in worst scenario, tool damage. Piling up scraps caused from output problem risk shocking and breaking stamping tools and damaging press equipment. Even if the production could be hailed promptly, the productivity is adversely effected by time consuming troubleshooting.

Lars Sandberg, the inventor of Conveyor 22’s electric linear conveyor, presents his solution:

– Being deeply aware of such key issue, I integrated a motion sensor into our conveyors which works as a self-monitoring alarm system. In the event of an interference, our conveyor talks with the operating system directly through sending a warning signal. The whole production line becomes halted without external sensors needed. We give maximum security to our customers.

The extra security makes many big companies choose Conveyor 22. After testing the first conveyor for 1.5 years, SCANIA in Oskarshamn decided to build 8 conveyors into their new stamping press tool. Production Technician Tobias Carreberg explains the benefit of the built-in alarm system:

– Conveyor 22’s conveyors make our job easier. In case of interference, we get an alarm from the conveyor and we can see exactly where the problem exists without troubleshooting needed. Now we do not risk getting scraps piled up which could cause tool damage. We are very satisfied with Conveyor 22.

Automation Technician Nicklas Nordlöf tells that:

– The electric conveyors are fully integrated into the stamping press tool and controlled by our PLC system. The evacuation duration of these conveyors is programmed from first punching to a few minutes after last punching.

“Sometimes what never happens, is the most important of all”, as Volvo says. The security of conveyors should be one of the most important buying criteria, when take into account the overall costs of stamping tools and press equipment.  Small output devices matter a lot.

See film: 8 conveyors built into 1 stamping press tool, digitally controlled by SCANIA

Read the news from Svensk Verkstad: Inbyggt larmsystem i transportör förebygger skadade pressverktyg

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Quick Cassette solved space issue on stamping press output in EBP i Olofström

Conveyor 22 has developed a space saving plate for inserting an entire output device into various manufacturing machines. It can be pushed in or under a stamping tool and locked in a few seconds. With the double hand tensioners, the whole conveyor unit is stably locked in the tool. Quick Cassette is available in different versions with three different options on width.

Quick Cassette has solved the space problem for stamping press output in EBP i Olofström. At the beginning of 2017, EBP in Olofström bought two conveyors with insert fasteners “Quick Cassette” and feeding trays from Conveyor 22. Quick Cassette is a 85 mm high conveyor unit that can be pushed into the press tool. Feedback from Patrik Henriksson, Press Process Engineer at EBP:

– Without this solution for our output problem, we had not been able to undertake this stamping project.

– The equipment has been working perfect since the first day. It is so quiet that you risk forgetting to turn it off when the working day is over.

CEO of Conveyor 22 AB, Anne-Maj Öström says: “We want to make the output more convenient regardless of space limitation for stamping press industry. Productivity should be the focus rather not to be limited by small output issues. ”

See film: Quick Cassette in production

Read the news from Svensk Verkstad: EBP i Olofström fick hjälp att lösa utrymmesproblemet vid utmatning ur pressar

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Mobile stand facilitates flexible part removal in stamping press

Conveyor 22 has developed an easy and cost-effective solution for moving the complete conveyor unit among manufacturing machines. It has been successfully delivered to Lindab Profile AB in Förslöv.

Stamping presses are commonly equipped with one or more conveyors for getting the surplus and finished part out. A permanently installed conveyor in a fixed position can be complicate and difficult to reposition, wasting valuable time and resources. For example, rebuilding the whole conveyor system when changing tools or not using the conveyor while the machine is out of production. The accumulated cost of handling such a fixed conveyor system is high.

As an additional method of mounting the conveyor on a manufacturing machine, the Steady Stand is an alternative attachment to fasten the conveyor with feeding trays and other extra features. Thus, the usage of output device becomes infinitely flexible and efficient.

Several satisfied customers are already using Steady Stand in their production lines. On this occasion, we designed a low-profile model “Steady Stand 500” and equipped it to fit beneath Lindab Profile’s stamping press: Conveyor Black Line 141, Steady Stand 500 with 3-wheel adapter ensuring stability on uneven surfaces and tray support with sliding parts. The control box is mounted directly on the Steady Stand and the cable between conveyor and control box is stored within the stand. Steady Stand 500 is concrete-filled, weighing 150 kg and has lockable wheels.

We want the stamping press industry to maximize the use of our conveyors and make their production faster, more efficient and profitable.

See a film from Lindab Profil: Steady Stand 500 in production

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