Built-in alarm system of conveyor prevents stamping tool damage

Traditional conveyors are seldom equipped with self-alarm systems, therefore they fail on communicating with the stamping press and preventing damages. Downtime due to malfunctioning of these conveyors can be very costly either in forms of production interruptions or, in worst scenario, tool damage. Piling up scraps caused from output problem risk shocking and breaking stamping tools and damaging press equipment. Even if the production could be hailed promptly, the productivity is adversely effected by time consuming troubleshooting.

Lars Sandberg, the inventor of Conveyor 22’s electric linear conveyor, presents his solution:

– Being deeply aware of such key issue, I integrated a motion sensor into our conveyors which works as a self-monitoring alarm system. In the event of an interference, our conveyor talks with the operating system directly through sending a warning signal. The whole production line becomes halted without external sensors needed. We give maximum security to our customers.

The extra security makes many big companies choose Conveyor 22. After testing the first conveyor for 1.5 years, SCANIA in Oskarshamn decided to build 8 conveyors into their new stamping press tool. Production Technician Tobias Carreberg explains the benefit of the built-in alarm system:

– Conveyor 22’s conveyors make our job easier. In case of interference, we get an alarm from the conveyor and we can see exactly where the problem exists without troubleshooting needed. Now we do not risk getting scraps piled up which could cause tool damage. We are very satisfied with Conveyor 22.

Automation Technician Nicklas Nordlöf tells that:

– The electric conveyors are fully integrated into the stamping press tool and controlled by our PLC system. The evacuation duration of these conveyors is programmed from first punching to a few minutes after last punching.

“Sometimes what never happens, is the most important of all”, as Volvo says. The security of conveyors should be one of the most important buying criteria, when take into account the overall costs of stamping tools and press equipment.  Small output devices matter a lot.

See film: 8 conveyors built into 1 stamping press tool, digitally controlled by SCANIA

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