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Black Line 141 in new Vision Feeder from Concept!

In the Elima Automation fair, Concept AB is presenting the new visionfeeder with two Black Line 141 transporters built into the system. The new versionfeeder combines several different conveyors, two vision cameras and a small robot, and is intented to serve a large robot cell. This system is develped as a standard module in Concept portfoilo.

Our electric linear conveyor provides solution for this system, as it can transport the materials in same speed regardless of weight differences without frequency adjustment. This feature provides a unique possibility for robotic automation applications.

Watch the video: Vision Feeder

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Elmia Automation 2016

ElimIa Automation in Jönköping is the leading fair on industrial automation for the Swedish manufacturing industries. Conveyor 22 with its team has visited this fantastic fair and gained great experience.

In the fair, our electric linear conveyors have been presented among three different stands with our clients. Concept AB demonstrated its new vision feeder with our two Black Line 141 transporters built into the system. AH Automation and Aluflex also showed our conveyors to their visitors. We are happy to see that the exclusive features from our electric linear conveyors brought us potential opportunities to cooperate with the automation industry.

The fair gave us many new business contacts, both national and international. We would like to specially thank Concept AB, AH Automation and Aluflex for their trusts on our technology. We also thank customers, old and new, for your continuing interest in our conveyors.

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Weight handling improved and static generation reduced!

After extensive testing and in response to customer feedback, Conveyor 22 electric linear conveyors can transport different items at the same speed regardless of the weights and volume plus static electricity generation has been significantly reduced. Make our linear conveyors the perfect replacement for old vibrators.

The unique movement of the Conveyor 22 transporters distributes and spreads the material while transporting it. The linear movement is more gentle and smooth than traditional vibrators. The transport speed is always constant and completely independent of weight difference. There is no need for frequency adjustments based on various weights.

The electric linear conveyors from Conveyor 22 transport items with only a horizontal movement instead of slightly throwing the items vertically as vibrators do. The unique motion from electric linear conveyors has effectively reduced static electricity generation due to faster separation and less friction. Traditional vibrators provide much more unstable movement due to fast vibrations. The motion results in more frequent and stronger friction among the transporting items due to the horizontal and vertical vibrations and easily generates a build up of static electricity.

Watch the video: A feather moves in the same speed as 1 kg of iron does.

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Conveyor Lift 230/1100 is ready to go!

Conveyor 22 now launch Conveyor Lift 230/1100 based on the previous model Conveyor Lift 110/278. The lifts are designed to facilitate the industries with special need for frequent changing on manufacturing equipments.

Adjustable lift in height (Z) with a stroke level of 230 mm. The lift can easily be mounted on the stamping press or manufacturing equipment. The Conveyor Lift 230/1100 is able to handle either Quick Bar 2000 mm or aluminium bar up to 2500 mm. After implementation of the conveyor lift, the conveyor bolted to the lift can be cranked down below the stamping press table’s surface. Thus there are no more manually repeat installations of the transporters when replacing manufacturing equipment.

Tool change is simplified – setup time is shortened!

Read more and see the film…

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Elmia Subcontractor 2015

Elmia Subcontractor is over and it was a fantastic week. There was great interest in our stand, where we had our own robotic cell, in cooperation with ABB.

We demonstrated our linear conveyors. Visitors were able to see for themselves the super performance in separation, dispersal and organization. We even showed how the robot could successfully pick up from one tray without sensors or vision systems.

The fair gave us many new business contacts, both national and international. We would like to specially thank ABB and SKF for their participation. We also thank customers, old and new, for your continuing interest in our conveyors.

Greetings: Anne-Maj and Lars, Conveyor 22

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Increased weight for tray!

After years of testing, we now raise the guaranteed weight for tray from 8 kg to 12 kg for models ECS 121 and the Clean Line 121. This means that up to 50% more equipment can be attached to the carrier, for example our new fast beam Quick Bar.

Tray and other equipment mounted on the conveyor are called “weight for tray”. This weight has been increased. “Distributed load” is what the carrier moves. We guarantee a maximum 30 kg: 15 kg distributed load at maximum feed speed if the speed is adjusted down, the weight can be increased.

For optimized transport we recommend the RC22 feeding tray. Conveyor 22 has developed the RC22 with an optimized structure for the conveyor movement. It is light, stable and the structure eliminates the sticking effect of oily parts. Many customers have, after testing, decided to incorporate the RC22 into their standard production process.
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Quick Bar – minimize setup time

Introducing the Quick Bar – a bar where you replace trays in seconds!

Quick Bar locks mechanically fixed trays without compressed air. The Quick Bar’s hand tensioners loosen / set trays fixed in seconds. Simple, flexible and without any tools. The lightweight bar which is made of high strength steel ensures that the trays are locked solid rock hard.

Set up time is reduced and the handling is simplified.
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World Unique Vision Solution

Now it is possible to see a details underside in a high resolution picture through the conveying surface!

The Electric Conveyors from Conveyor 22 has a unique and smooth linear motion which allows transportation of details on tempered glass.

After a successful collaboration with AH Automation, we can now for the first time present an unique solution to a long standing problem. To see the parts underside has many times been difficult. Either the details are placed on a separate see through surface or rotated towards a vision camera for inspection.

Our solution is to inspect directly through the feeding trays surface. There is no need to touch the detail before the inspection and further transport take place immediately of the details you choose not to pick (correct or incorrect).

The pattern of movement also spread out and separates the details which facilitates and optimizes the vision inspection and robot picking.

See our movie: Vision Solution on Glass

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